There’s a lot of talk about inflation happening right now. Are we experiencing transitional inflation, severe inflation, stagflation, or no inflation? I’ll walk through four theories around inflation from policymakers, economists, and investors below.

1. Inflation is Transitory (Demand Side Perspective)

9/30/21: 2021 AARP Innovation Labs Summit & Grand Pitch Finale

9/30/21: Applications Open for the Accountability Incubator 2022

  • Requirements: Have an original idea that impacts accountability and transparency; Have a startup idea…

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC Advertising is where an advertiser pays a fee to a digital platform that is hosting the ads each time a customer clicks on an advertisement.
Ad Types include search results, social media posts, banner ads, videos, retargeting, ecommerce, audio, and more.

Why use PPC…

Here’s a quick list of upcoming pitch competitions, hackathons, and incubator / accelerator events / deadlines for April and May here in the DMV (+ London, UK):

1. Georgetown Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals 2021

Khuram Zaman

Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University · CEO of Fifth Tribe | DC’s Digital Agency · Focus: Product Innovation & Digital Strategy

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